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The "City of light" is undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful and fascinating cities - you could spend a lifetime here and not see everything that Paris has to offer. An easy day trip from Paris is to the Palace of Versailles, one of Europe's most spectacular and largest royal homes... read more arrow
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Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France, is a museum located in what used to be a railway station, the Gare d'Orsay. This museum boasts of a huge collection of paintings by Renoir, Monet, Delacroix, Degas, Gaugin, Van Gogh and other impressionist artists... read more arrow
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The Centre Georges Pompidou is to be found at the Beaubourg area of Paris, France. It is near Marais and Les Halles at the IVe arrondissement... read more arrow
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Undoubtedly the most famous avenue in the world, Champs-Elysees in Paris, France, is blessed with a unique elegance and charm. That is also why it is considered the world's most beautiful avenue... read more arrow
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The Conciergerie is a fortress in Paris, France that used to house kings and subsequently prisoners. It served as the Royal Apartments prior to the completion of the Louvre, which became the new Royal Residence... read more arrow
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Basilique Sacre Coeur is a revered landmark in Paris, France. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart marks the city's highest point, on top of the hill of Montmartre... read more arrow
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The monument stands for triumph – the triumph of the human spirit against the odds. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, stands proudly, a fitting memorial to homage the brave ones who fought during the Napoleonic Wars, for the honor and freedom of their beloved country, France... read more arrow
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The Musee Rodin in Paris is, as the name suggests, a showcase of the works of the renowned French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. In addition, you will find here many aspects of Rodin's life – Rodin the art collector, Rodin the painter, Rodin the person and of course, there is a collection of sketches he made prior to transforming these into sculptural masterpieces... read more arrow
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No other cemetery is so good at name dropping than Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise in Paris, France. It is the final resting place of many famous personalities... read more arrow
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Another landmark in Paris, a city filled with great landmarks, is the Palais Garnier, also called the Opera Garnier, Opera de Paris or the Grand Opera House. Designed by the renowned Charles Garnier, this splendid structure is of the tradition of the Neo-Baroque style and is a grand masterpiece in architecture... read more arrow
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The Louvre, in Paris, France, is one of the world's greatest museums – you could easily spend a month there and still not see all of its treasures. It's also one of the largest and most visited museums in the world, attracting around 8 million visitors every year... read more arrow
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Paris, France, is known for iconic structures. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the dome of Sacre Coeur on Montmartre are practically clichés when thinking of the City of Light... read more arrow
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