One of Brandenburg’s most popular family-friendly attractions is the theme park of Tropical Islands Resort, which is housed in a former hangar of the Brand-Briesen Airfield in Halbe. It holds the title of being the largest indoor waterpark in the world, occupying what is the biggest free-standing hall in the world.

The Brand-Briesen Airfield was established for the Luftwaffe in 1938 and taken over by the Soviet Red Army in May 1945. It was returned to Germany following reunification in 1992 and redeveloped to construct airships as the Aerium before the company, CargoLifter, went bankrupt in 2002.

Tropical Islands Resort officially opened its doors on 19 December 2004, with a constant air temperature of 26 °C (78°F) and humidity around 64% recreating a tropical atmosphere throughout the year. It’s home to the largest indoor rainforest in the world, which contains around 600 different species and sprawls around its swimming pools, restaurants and manmade beach.

Themed areas include the Tropical Village, with recreated traditional buildings from Thailand, Borneo and Samoa, as well as the Bali Lagoon that features fountains, water slides, whirlpools and a current canal. Also of note is the Tropical Sea area, which is designed like a coral island, with an expansive pool and idyllic beach.

In addition to its water-themed attractions, the Tropical Village Resort includes a miniature golf course and a thrilling African Jungle Lift ride, as well as nightly shows and special entertainment events throughout the year. For those who want to stay and play around the clock, on-site accommodation includes comfortable rooms and safari-inspired tents.