Believed to have been built around the year 1000 by the Palatinate count, Ezzo, Cochem Castle boasts a commanding hilltop setting overlooking the River Moselle. It was pawned by King Adolf of Nassau in 1294 to pay for his coronation as German Emperor and remained under the archbishops of Trier until it was set on fire and blow up by French troupes in May 1689. The ruins of Cochem Castle were bought and rebuilt in the mid-19th century by Berlin businessman Louis Ravené who incorporated the remains of its late-Gothic buildings into the new Neo-Gothic design.

Today Cochem Castle is owned by the town of Cochem and is beautifully deco-rated with Renaissance and Baroque furnishings that were collected by the Ravené family throughout the years. Forty-minute guided tours offer an insider’s look at the interiors of the castle and its courtyards, while spine-tingling Ghost Tours take place on Sundays during the summer months.

After your guided tour, why not stay for an authentic medieval feast at Cochem Castle, hosted by the Lord of the Manor and served by maids and servants in pe-riod costumes. Learn about medieval customs and table manners and be treated to live music and entertainment by the castle jesters. The feast also includes a display of old torture instruments and ends with a grand knighting ceremony. Alternatively, you can grab a drink at the Castle Tavern during the day, which offers sweeping views of the Moselle Valley and the surrounding vineyards from its panoramic patio.