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Top 9 Attractions in Rhineland Palatinate

Popular Rhineland Palatinate landmarks and tourist spots

  • Mainz Cathedral thumbnail
    The exterior of the Mainz Cathedral in Germany.
    Nestled in the historic heart of Mainz is St. Martin’s Cathedral, a 1000-year-old cathedral that serves as the episcopal see of the Bishop of Mainz. Its soaring towers dominate the pedestrianized Old Town's half-timbered houses, and it represents the high point of Romanesque cathedral architecture in Germany ...

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  • Perched in the hills overlooking the Moselle River, Eltz Castle was established in the 12th century and has been owned by the same family ever since. It stands positioned on a rocky spur along what was an important Roman trade route connecting the valley’s fertile farmlands and markets and is one of only a handful of castles in Rhineland-Palatinate that have never been destroyed. Eltz Castle is a picture-book scene, with eight towers that soar up to 35 meters in height, turrets and timber-framed structures ...

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  • Officially known as the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Stephen, the Speyer Cathedral is the most prominent landmark in the historic town of Speyer and a des-ignated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It dates back to 1030 when its foundation stone was laid by Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor and it has long served as the resting place of the Salian dynasty ...

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  • Believed to have been built around the year 1000 by the Palatinate count, Ezzo, Cochem Castle boasts a commanding hilltop setting overlooking the River Moselle. It was pawned by King Adolf of Nassau in 1294 to pay for his coronation as German Emperor and remained under the archbishops of Trier until it was set on fire and blow up by French troupes in May 1689. The ruins of Cochem Castle were bought and rebuilt in the mid-19th century by Berlin businessman Louis Ravené who incorporated the remains of its late-Gothic buildings into the new Neo-Gothic design ...

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  • Located in the town of Nürburg, the Nürburgring is a famous motorsports complex that features a Grand Prix race track and a longer “North Loop” track that weaves around the town and its medieval castle. It has a capacity for 150,000 spectators on race days but it’s the Nürburgring's open-for-all Touristenfahrten that attracts many auto enthusiasts. Test your skills on the Nordschleife “North Loop”, which extends for 22.810 kil-ometers (14.173 miles) and is often open to the public, with the Grand Prix cir-cuit also opened on rare occasions ...

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  • The oldest wine route in the world, the German Wine Route extends through the sprawling wine growing region of the Palatinate between the Palatinate Forest and the Rhine Rift. It was established in 1935 following a record harvest and with the idea that it would help to boost wine sales in the connected villages. The beginning of the 85-kilometer-long route is marked by the grand sandstone German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach ...

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  • Forming part of the UNESCO-designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve (one of the largest forests in Europe), the Palatinate Forest is a protected swathe of low mountains in the southwest of Germany. Once seen as a source of energy supplies and raw materials, the forest is now protected as a nature park that makes for a popular recreational destination. The Palatinate Forest Nature Park was established in 1958 as the third nature park in Germany and designed as a place for workers in the polluted cities of the Rhine Valley to escape for some R&R ...

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  • 8 Ahr Valley

    7 /10
    Beginning at the Ahr Spring in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ahr Valley is a picturesque region of vineyards, Roman ruins and hiking trails. It extends east to Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate and on to the Ahr River’s meeting point with the Rhine at the the Golden Mile near Kripp. It provides a relaxing escape, with medicinal springs and healing spas, not to mention spectacular rural scenery to explore ...

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