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Hungary Country Guide


The country of Hungary is located on the Northern European plain right in the heart of the European continent. The country was formed a century ago by the Magyars, an ethnic group whose roots was traced back to Russia. The flat plains that dominate the area had made Hungary prone to numerous invasions of its neighboring countries such as Russia, Germany and France. Despite this being the case, 90% of the entire population is still largely comprised of the Magyars. It is no wonder then that the national language still spoken in Hungary is Magyar.

Ever since Hungary had opened its doors to the world, it has become a top tourist destination for travelers in Europe. Travelers visiting the country of Hungary are captivated with the scenic surroundings and breathtaking monuments dating back to the centuries. If you are planning to take a visit to Hungary, the best place to start is in the capital city of Budapest. The city of Budapest is actually made up of two ancient cities – the city of Buda situated on the right bank of the River Danube and the city of Pest which sits on the river’s left side. The city has once been an ancient capital of royalty and administration. Much of the buildings that can be seen in the city have been lovingly preserved through the centuries. One of the top tourist attractions that can be found in the majestic city of Budapest are the ruins of a Roman town which was established during the height of the Roman Empire. Another prime tourist destination in the city is the University Library, which is recognized as the oldest library in all of Hungary.

Hungary is also a great country to visit if you are a nature lover. There are a number of beautiful stalactite caves which are situated right in the middle of residential districts in the country. One of the top natural attractions in the country is the Lake Tisza. The lake has oftentimes been referred to as the Blonde Lake because of the minute grains of sand that float on top of the water of the lake, giving it a golden shimmer, hence the nickname. There are also a total of 150 hot thermal springs with warm mineral waters around the country. Famed for its medicinal properties, these springs are a favorite destination of the locals and tourists visiting Hungary who are looking for a way to relax and unwind.

While visiting Hungary, make sure to try some of the wines in the region. The country produces and exports some of the finest red and white wines in this part of Europe. The finest of these wines is Tokay wine (pronounced as tok-eye), a sweet wine with a rich taste and flavor. The wine goes very well with most of the Hungarian cuisine which are flavored with paprika, another prime commodity that the country exports. In fact, Hungary exports 40% of the paprika that is used all over the world. It has become a huge part of the cultural heritage of the country that one of the prime tourist attractions in Hungary is a museum that is devoted exclusively to this sweet red pepper.

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