Italians have been doing quality street food much longer than some of us might think. Italians do a parade around the piazza with gelato or a slice of pizza in their hand.

The ionic pizza

There are various types of pizza in Italy, the Neapolitan, Roman, and the authentic pizza al taglio (“by the slice”). It is designed to be held in hand and eaten on the go, this pizza is baked slower and longer in trays, so it gets a crispy bottom. As it is baked in a conventional oven, this pizza has a different flavor from the ones baked in the wood-burning oven.

Mostly available from lunch through midnight, it makes the perfect snack. Only in Rome, there are an estimated 5,300 places that make this 'pizza by the slice', so you have a wealth of choice.

We give you some suggestions about where to get one of Rome's best:
  • 1. Volpetti Più. They offer some of the best “pizza al taglio” and is also the top lunch spot for locals in the neighborhood Testaccio.
  • 2. La Renella. One of Rome's best bakeries in the heart of the Trastevere district.
  • 3. Located in Campo de 'Fiori square, the Forno Campo De' Fiori offers in addition to bread and pastry, exquisite sliced pizzas and focaccia.
  • 4. Antico Forno Roscioli (originated in 1824) is led by the third generation who has handed over the secrets for making the most delicious pizza's.

Gelato, Italian ice cream

Many people will admit that Italy is the country with the best ice cream in the world. The Italian gelato, however, is not really the same as ice cream. It has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream and has a creamier texture.

Florence is the birthplace of gelato, but Romans are truly passionate about it, and it is exactly here that a new generation of artisans is booming.

>How to choose a good gelato place?

Look at the pistachio flavor! If the color looks like artificial green, it's probably not a good place to go. Flavors should resemble the actual food from which they are made, so avoid brightly colored ice cream.

Underneath a list of some of Rome’s best gelato stores:

  • 1. Fior di Luna. For many locals, is this the place to score the best handmade gelato and sorbets. Try it out!
  • 2. Gelateria Dei Gracchi. This store is probably the best spot to taste a pistachio gelato, one of the Romans' favorite flavors. Here they make the pistachio ice cream with coarsely ground toasted nuts from Sicily... You absolutely should taste it.
  • 3. Gelateria del Teatro. Nestled in the charming streets surrounding Piazza Navona, this is a hidden gem for all ice-cream lovers.