The roman coliseum ("colosseum" or "colosseo") is probably the most ancient world renowned monument in Rome. It was one of the very first roman amphitheatres to be built. It is located between the Caelian Hills and the Esquiline on on marshy type of land. Records show that the coloseum was built over many years and was inaugurated around 80 A.D. Learn more about the coliseum's history >

Although the brutality of the spectacles to be presented in the colosseum was to put man's so call dignity to shame, it's history sparkled people's imagination for generations. Gladiator fights, human fed to hungry beasts and violent sporting events has nothing the human race can be proud of. However, it's architectural magnificence will always make the colosseum one of the greatest historical monuments of Rome.

The colosseum was built to contain 50,000 spectators which is a monumental feat at that time considering it could still be considered huge in modern standards. The arena floor is all made of wood underneath which there is a myriad of tunnels and passageways for spactacle staging ... and for wild beasts roaming. The construction was made of a carefully chosen combination of concrete and travertine for the foundations, piers and beautiful arcades. See the coliseum pictures and images gallery >

The roman coloseum is definitely a "must to see" in Rome as a testimony to it's history and achievements by ancient Romans.