Once you've gotten a taste of the works of Renaissance master Caravaggio, you might want to head to the San Luigi dei Francesi church to admire his most powerful works.

Located between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, this opulent baroque church is home to a celebrated trio of Caravaggio paintings: the Vocazione di San Matteo (The Calling of Saint Matthew), the Martirio di San Matteo (The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew), and San Matteo e L’Angelo (Saint Matthew and the Angel), known together as the Saint Matthew cycle. These masterpieces of art belong to some of the earliest religious works of Caravaggio. These stunning Roman Baroque Art examples are mainly renowned for the incredible use of 'chiaroscuro', the contrast of light and dark.

As no information is available about the painting inside the church, you might want to read up on the works before visiting. Once you have admired the church's interior, step outside to see the panorama of Rome from the church's Franciscan garden.

The entrance to the church is free. Plan your visit in the morning because the church closes at lunchtime.

Tip: Bring some coins with you to light up the paintings in the darkened interior and see how Caravaggio infused light into these art pieces.