The lovely small town of Barolo lies in the core of the Barolo wine producing area and is famous thanks to its high-quality marvelous red wine named after the village itself. Barolo wine is described as the "King of Wines" and mentioned as the first Italian wine that could compete with the great French red wines of Bordeaux. The Barolo wine is highly protected by the strict rules of the DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) - a quality assurance label for Italian wines - and only Nebbiolo grapes can be used to produce it.

The name Nebbiolo comes from ‘nebbia' (fog) because the grapes used to be picked in the autumn mist. Barolo is a top-quality wine with a high prestige. Not by chance, it has always been a subject of interest in the past and has created today a worldwide reputation.

The ancient Castle Falletti, located in the main square of the village, is standing on top of a hill and offers excellent views of the area located close to the village and the neighboring vineyards. The castle houses a small wine museum (WiMu) and an enoteca, a perfect spot for tasting a wide selection of regional wines, which you can buy to take home. Stroll through the historic center, savor an excellent glass of wine or enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the good restaurants in town.