The beautiful village of La Morra boasts a charming historical center, perched on a hill and surrounded by ancient Baroque style bastions. The landmark of this town is the panoramic viewpoint, from where you can admire breathtaking views of a succession of hills which creates an amphitheater of rare beauty. Not to be missed is a visit at the town cellar and the ascent of the bell tower.

The 14-kilometer (9 miles) long Barolo Wine Trail, that goes through the vineyards and passes several small villages, starts right at the center of La Morra and is a beautiful trail for walking or mountain biking surrounded by the most stunning landscapes.

Visiting the Langhe, you will be amazed by the numerous picturesque villages that stand proudly on the top of the wine hills. Take your time to breathe the authentic Italian ambiance that you find here. If you are short in time, these two villages you should add to your list.