A vacation to Italy is simply incomplete without a visit to the scenic village of Perugia, Italy. Nestled in the district of Umbria, and close to the Tiber River, this city has that terrific Mediterranean climate so popular with tourists. With an abundance of activities, this area is a great destination for travelers seeking an out of the ordinary and striking place to visit. Perugia, Italy has many fascinating places to visit and activities in which to participate, such as: 1. They are famous for their chocolate, and the Perugian Chocolate festival in October is a celebration that every chocolate-lover in the world should make an effort to attend. 2. For the history buffs, there’s a plethora of cathedrals dating back as far as the 1200’s including the Basilica of San Domenico, the San Pietro Abbey, the St. Lorenzo Cathedral, and many others worth visiting for the architectural beauty. 3. The Fontana Maggiore is a fountain built during medieval times and one of the most striking fountains in the city, and the Etruscan Arch is an amazing structure. 4. Perugia has a rich tradition of numerous artists throughout the centuries, and the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria has one of the best collections of masterworks of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. 5. For music lovers, the Jazz Festival is celebrated yearly in July and is one of the best music celebrations in the area. 6. Archaeology buffs will thoroughly enjoy the National Museum of Umbrian Archaeology. Perugia, Italy is definitely a destination that tourists will enjoy visiting.