Imagine an unspoiled Venice, full of character, easy to navigate with lots of fresh seafood (restaurants), beaches and few crowds... Well, that is Chioggia!

The fishing port Chioggia is situated on some small islands in the southern part of the Lagoon of Venice and crisscrossed by channels hence its nickname “Little Venice”.

Corso del Popolo is the main pedestrian street in the heart of the historic center. It is a lovely place for strolling, shopping, or enjoying a drink at an outdoor table. You almost get a 1950s feel, with shops and cafés that haven't changed in decades and a lively atmosphere.

In summer, Chioggia can be visited in a day from Venice taking the direct ferry service, arriving near Piazzetta Vigo – at the end of Corso del Popolo. From the square, a picturesque white marble bridge crosses the Vena Canal to the Church of San Domenico. The cathedral of Chioggia stands at the other side of the main street and is home to beautiful decorations from various centuries.

If you want to know more about “old life” in Choggia, then head to the Museum of the South Lagoon situated in an old monastery. It houses artifacts and pictures relating to life in the south lagoon including models of boats, agricultural equipment, and paintings. Another way to take in the local way of life in Chioggia is to go to the famous fish market, held on weekday mornings; here you experience a unique atmosphere...

Another part of Chioggia (about one mile from the historic center) is Sottomarina, lined with beautiful sand beaches and a promenade that runs along the sea. Spend here some time on the beach and savor some super fresh seafood in one of the restaurants before finishing the day with a delicious ice-cream. La Dolce Vita!