Citadella - at just one hour by train from Venice - is one of the historical symbols of the region of Veneto: a perfectly conserved medieval monument of great charm, known for its remarkable medieval fortifications.

The main attraction of the city of Cittadella is a tour of the ramparts; a nearly 1-mile walkway on the Medieval defensive walls (12-13 meters high) that stand on a mound surrounded by a moat.

The walk provides great views down onto the medieval town center and on a bright day you can see the majestic Dolomites, which snowcapped peaks make an impressive backdrop in winter and spring in the town.

The views seem to change every couple of meters, and before you know it, you’ve snapped hundreds of photos from every seeming angle.

The tour starts at Porta Bassano, where you can purchase your ticket from the Tourist Office. Before heading out to the walls themselves, you can opt to visit first the Captain's house, where you pass through a suggestive environment adorned with ancient arms and furnishings. It houses as well some of the best-preserved frescoes from the Malatesta family of the 16th century.

When you’ve had enough history and culture, the city offers an impressive shopping scene with everything from Italian fashion to artisan soaps as well as friendly bars in the central part of town, and several places to eat.

Try the traditional local dishes such as roasted or boiled duck, or the classic polenta ideally accompanied by the famous Veneto wines like Novello, Prosecco, Pinot Blanc, and Muscat. Salute!