Marostica, with its monuments and traditions, is a past which has never passed. Here you can experience the most authentic and well-preserved life of the Middle Ages.

The town is famous for its two fortifications: the 14th-century castle on the Pausolino hills, and the lower castle, the Castello Inferiore, that guards the main entrance through the town walls. For four hundred years Marostica was ruled by Venice. The presence of the statue of the lion of St. Mark, Venice's symbol, in the piazza as well as its well-kept Gothic buildings are showcases of this period.

Take time to climb to the upper castle that offers fantastic views of the surroundings. The main footpath up zigzags at the left-hand side of the lightly-wooded slope. In spring, this walk is beautiful and peaceful, colorful with many flowers. The castle is mostly ruined, but you'll find a nice restaurant which has within the castle wall a picturesque outdoor terrace and garden.

The fertile fields on the slopes of the Asiago plateau where Marostica is nestled, provide every year all of Italy with succulent exquisite red cherries which in summer makes the territory scented and red. A feast for the eyes!

The tradition for which Marostica is probably most known around the world is the “Game of chess with living characters” for which every other September the central piazza converts in a giant chessboard. More than 300 people dressed in period costumes such as knights, damsels, and archers play in the game; a spectacle that you can’t miss if you are visiting this artistic town.