Noale is a tiny medieval town in the plains of Veneto, one of these small atmospheric villages where you can touch history without having to battle with hordes of tourists.

Reaching Noale is nearly effortless since the town is served by numerous road, thanks to its ideal location at the center of the province of Venice.

The historic center is dominated by a long street flanked by colorful houses. At the west and east gates of the town, you will find two towers that many centuries ago formed part of a thick defensive wall encircling the small town.

Underneath you find the main attractions to see in Noale:

• The ruins of the Fortress – Castle La Rocca - a stronghold dating back to the 12th century that was surrounded by a moat filled with the waters of the river Marzenego.

• The Clock Tower also called Treviso Tower (open on weekends) that was the old east entrance of the village. Climb to the top from which you can see the entire city.

• The Bell Tower also called Padua Tower, the west entrance of the town that is currently used for exhibitions.

• Palazzo della Loggia, the seat of the city council, an art gallery, and the tourism association.

The walls and the medieval fortress remind of a time of lords, duels, and parades. A time which is revised every year in June during the famous Palio of Noale – a historical re-enactment of the Medieval contest which used to take place in the town, boasting an impressive medieval market as well.

If you visit Noale, don't forget to taste a dish with the main protagonist of Noale’s cuisine, the duck. And stroll the flea markets in town, to buy antiques and local products. Not only for vintage lovers!