The Po River Delta is an extraordinary area that provides a habitat for great biodiversity and where peacefulness prevails.

The Delta of River Po is a beautiful land still largely unknown. The best way to discover it, is slowly by boat, by foot, on a bike or even in a kayak enjoying the landscape that blends perfectly nature-made elements into a man-made environment.

The Park of the Delta of Po has the largest extent of wetlands protected in Italy. The flora is extremely different, and it includes a thousand-different species (thanks to the variety of environments that the Park consists of). The same is true for its fauna (over 400 different species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes).

Numerous species of birds have their nests here and turn the delta into a wonderful place, full of scenery and makes of it one of the most famous in Europe for birdwatching enthusiasts.

The Po Delta is relatively young. Only 400 years ago delta deposits gradually created this land, and which until now have taken several miles of territory from the sea. Since 1997, many parts of the Delta are protected and included into the National Park od the Delta of the Po.

For visitors, the River Po Delta is a truly unique and inspiring landscape: lush meadows, secluded farmhouses, vast rice fields, river islands and narrow streets leading on the dikes along the water.

For a simple tour by bike, by boat or by canoe, for bird enthusiasts or keen photographers, hunting the Po River Delta offers the opportunity to bring home wonderful naturalistic memories.