One of the best preserved medieval villages in all of Italy, nestled in the mountains, dotted with vineyards and covered in castle walls. It's as picturesque as you can imagine, yet utterly untouched by tourism. This is Soave!

Arriving at Soave your eye will first catch a glimpse of the impressive castle, a postcard-perfect symbol of the town. From its hilltop location, the Castello di Soave and its parted towers provide extraordinary views of the Veneto countryside, lined with olive mills and wineries.

Within the town center, you will find buildings of significant historic and artistic interest. Still visiting Soave is not only about history. Mostly you should visit this hidden gem to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and beautiful setting... and of course for its wine.

Discover some of the nearby wineries, set in the delightful verdant hills that surround this small town. Soave owes its worldwide fame to the Garganega grapes, one of the oldest grape varietals in Italy, which are used to make Soave and Recioto wines. Records are proving that the vine was grown around Soave since ancient time. Soave was indeed a crucial Roman village along the Via Postumia, one of the main Roman roads in northern Italy. Wine was transported along this way since that time, and its fame, especially for the sweet version, was already significant in the past. Today Soave is arguably the most famous white wine DOC in Italy.

From the gentle rolling of its verdant hills, the sweet tang of its grapes, the romantic atmosphere, to the tranquil rhythm of nature and the perfectly preserved medieval city, Soave is worth a trip and a perfect day excursion from Venice.