Valdobbiadene, the capital of Italian spumante, is a town located in a green valley at the foot of the pre-alp foothills and overlooking the Piave riverbed.

Nestled in a land of art and flavor, just an hour from the magnificence of Venice, where life is all about wine, good taste, and centuries of winemaking that have left (and still leave) a significant mark on the landscape and the souls of its people.

A land home to one of Italy’s still-unacclaimed delights: La Strada del Prosecco, or the Prosecco Road, where a postcard-worthy view appears with every turn in the road.

This road winds around through the hills cultivated with vineyards between Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, and Valdobbiadene. A gentle landscape composed of vines full of grapes, farming towns, historical cities, age-old churches, and castles, that has been shaped over the centuries, turning it into one of the prettiest areas of Northern Italy.

Along the Prosecco Road, most of the wineries are family-owned and -run; many of the tasting rooms remain ad hoc operations where visitors are welcomed by the winemaker who guides its guest proudly on a quick tasting.

But among the beautiful hills of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG territory, you will as well find charming hotels of historical character featuring fantastic wellness centers. An additional reason to visit this area where you will not only see vineyards and taste excellent wine but might as well be attracted by small but characteristic spas immersed in a truly unique landscape.