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Top 8 Attractions in Norte

Popular Norte landmarks and tourist spots

  • Azulejos Decorative Tiles thumbnail
    Some of the famous Azulejos tiles in Porto.
    Porto held as well endless churches that are decorated with the finest tiles in white and blue, and here and there a touch of yellow, the famous "azulejos". They not only adorn the walls of churches and monasteries but also of simple houses and fountains. They often portray scenes from the country's history or just serve as street name signs or house numbers. The word "azulejo" comes from the Arabic word "az-zulayj", meaning polished stone ...

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  • Ribeira District thumbnail
    The Ribeira district from the Douro river in Porto.
    Taking the small stairs nearby the Cathedral of Porto, you arrive at the alluring Ribeira district. Ribeira is one of the oldest zones of Porto, made up of medieval streets, narrow alleyways, staircases and scenic spots. It is a crumbling but fascinating neighborhood to walk through and to sit on a terrace while enjoying the rhythm of Porto’s city life ...

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  • Vila Nova de Gaia Cellars thumbnail
    A cellar in the Vila Nova de Gaia district of Porto.
    You cannot leave Porto without a port wine tasting in Vila Nova de Gaia. This district, also known as Gaia, is home to the terracotta-topped port houses that store most of the world’s supply of Port. Enjoy the ambiance from one of the cafes and restaurants at the riverfront or make a boat trip on a "Rabelo" - a ship that was used to transport the port barrels on the river Douro ...

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  • Douro Valley thumbnail
    Part of the Douro valley near Porto.
    If you want to learn more about port wine, then make a day trip to the Douro Valley. An attractive route of 120km (75 miles) along the winding river the Douro, takes you to the lovely villages from Porto to Pinhao and Tabuaço. From here you can follow the wine route, “Rota do Vinho do Porto”, along with dazzling viewpoints. Start at the Quinta do Seixo, a winery located on a mountain slope ...

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  • Dom Luís I Bridge thumbnail
    A nice view of the Dom Luís Bridge connecting Gaia to the Ribeira District in Porto.
    The Dom Luis Bridge is an iron showpiece from 1886 that connects the old Ribeira District of Porto to the port (wine) houses of Vila Nova de Gaia offering spectacular city views.    ...

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