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Porto Attractions

Top 8 things to see and do in Porto

  • Sé do Porto Cathedral thumbnail
    A view of the Porto Cathedral exterior.

    Near the train station, you find the Cathedral of Porto (Sé do Porto) that was built in the 12th century as a fortress church. The church is characterized by an unusual mix of architectural styles. The inside of the church is relatively austere and has few frills, but the choir is richly decorated with marble and gold. 


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  • São Francisco Church thumbnail
    Golden ornements in the Church of São Francisco in Porto.

    Like within the Porto Cathedral, gold is as well abundantly used for the elaborated decorations inside the Church of São Francisco. What from outside looks like an ordinary Gothic and Baroque construction, has the most extraordinary church interior; unquestionably one of the most opulent in whole Portugal. 


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  • Azulejos Decorative Tiles thumbnail
    Some of the famous Azulejos tiles in Porto.

    Porto held as well endless churches that are decorated with the finest tiles in white and blue, and here and there a touch of yellow, the famous "azulejos". They not only adorn the walls of churches and monasteries but also of simple houses and fountains. They often portray scenes from the country's history or just serve as street name signs or house numbers. The word "azulejo" comes from the Arabic word "az-zulayj", meaning polished stone. In the 18th century, no other European country produced as many tiles for such a variety of purposes and in so many different designs than Portugal. Today, they are still a crucial part of the architecture of Porto ...

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  • Even if you are not taking a train, this beautiful railway station is an absolute attraction. Not only the tiles but also the stained-glass windows and the black and white tiled floors are stunning. Thanks to its central location, the Estação de São Bento is an ideal place to start a city walk.


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  • Douro Valley thumbnail
    Part of the Douro valley near Porto.

    If you want to learn more about port wine, then make a day trip to the Douro Valley. An attractive route of 120km (75 miles) along the winding river the Douro, takes you to the lovely villages from Porto to Pinhao and Tabuaço. From here you can follow the wine route, “Rota do Vinho do Porto”, along with dazzling viewpoints. Start at the Quinta do Seixo, a winery located on a mountain slope. They provide one of the best-known port brand, Sandeman. During their tour, you can learn how the Portuguese wines from the Douro Valley are transformed to port. Take on the way back a detour north, past the vineyards of wine house Mateus to the first capital of Portugal, Guimarães ...

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  • Dom Luís I Bridge thumbnail
    A nice view of the Dom Luís Bridge connecting Gaia to the Ribeira District in Porto.

    The Dom Luis Bridge is an iron showpiece from 1886 that connects the old Ribeira District of Porto to the port (wine) houses of Vila Nova de Gaia offering spectacular city views.   


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