Malaga is the capital of the Malaga province and it is located in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Malaga sits against the vast bay of the Mediterranean Sea that is near the mouth of the Guadalmedina River, which is located in the heart of Costa De Sol. Malaga has a mild climate that makes it a popular and world known resort city. The sheltering mountains also protect Malaga from the harsh North Winds. It is a city with a 3,000-year history and various traces of its rich history are remaining today.

With its more famous “sister” cities Cordoba and Seville, many tourists skip Malaga. But if you stay at the Costa del Sol, you should visit this port city. The town does not only offer many historical and cultural sites but also numerous shopping opportunities. The main attraction of Malaga is the Cathedral that was built 300 years ago. This beautiful building contains many artworks and beautiful furniture.

Nearby the cathedral, stands the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress where today houses an archaeological museum. If you climb the hill, you come across the ruins of a Roman theater and the Castle of Gibralfaro from where you have an excellent view over the harbor and the city. Art lovers may know that Malaga is as well the birthplace of Pablo Picasso who was born here in 1881 and lived ten years in the town. You can visit the house where he was born and the Picasso museum that features more than 100 works of Picasso donated by his heirs.

Malaga was founded around the 12th century BC, by the Phoenicians, when they successfully conquered it from both the Romans and Visigoths After that it was eventually taken over by the Moors around the year 711. Under the Moorish rule, Malaga became one of the most important cities.

Their exports of Malaga are iron ore, dried fruit, almonds, olive oil, and oranges, among others. The main imports coming into Malaga include oil, and corn as well as other vital aspects needed for everyday living. They are also the manufactures of building materials and food. They also have breweries, fertilizer plants. In 1992, Malaga opened a Technology park in an effort to promote their regional technology. The complex today is used for a variety of different reasons including the creation of technology companies.

Malaga also has a coastal motorway that connects them to all of Costa De Sol as well as an airport, train line and regular sea service to North America.