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Top 32 Attractions in New York City

Popular New York City sights and tourist spots

  • Statue of Liberty thumbnail
    Looking up at the Statue of Liberty in New York City.
    The United States is home to many different icons representing the country and have become some of the trademarks that many foreign countries use to identify the United States. The Statue of Liberty is one of these icons. If you ask anyone that lives in the United States what one thing that they associate with the United States and the freedom that the country represents, a majority of those people will likely answer the Statue of Liberty. She is one of the national treasures that every American citizen should visit at some point in their life ...

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  • Empire State Building thumbnail
    The Empire State Building in the NYC skyline.
    Few tourist attractions in the world can be considered more popular than the Empire State Building in New York. This building has 102 stories. It is a huge skyscraper. The skyscaper's exact location is where 34th Street West and the 5th Avenue intersect each other. The building is a top-rated tourist destination due to several reasons. One of the significant reasons for this building's popularity has been that it has remained the world's tallest building for more than 40 years ...

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  • NYC Central Park thumbnail
    The southern edge of Central Park in NYC.
    Yellow three person icon
    Ahhhh… Central Park! This wide-open space is New York's haven for rest and recreation. Its 843 acres house lakes, ponds, walking tracks, ice-skating rinks, a wildlife sanctuary, the Central Park Conservatory Garden and so much more. All these are aimed to provide harried New Yorkers a spot of relaxation. It is a favorite haunt of joggers, skaters, bicyclists, and those who simply want to breathe in some fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life ...

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  • Macy's July 4th Fireworks thumbnail
    Fireworks above the NYC skyline.
    Macy's 4th of July fireworks are one of the largest and most prestigious pyrotechnics shows in America and the world. Lately, the music score was accompanied by world-renowned artists like John Legend and the Black Eyed Peas. In normal times, thousands of people would hang around the launch site, often the Brooklyn Bridge, for a glimpse at one of the most spectacular shows to light the night skies.  You can visit the  New York City Fireworks calendar for more information about fireworks in NYC ...

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  • Greenwich Village thumbnail
    A street in Greenwich Village.
    Some of us believe that New York is all about modern buildings, busy and bustling streets, and people, people, people hurriedly walking to where they want to go. Well, think again. There is the historic and beatnik Greenwich Village. It is known for being the bohemian capital of New York and its tree-lined streets that lead you to unforgettable food experiences, a unique cultural setting, and a charmingly fascinating neighborhood.Greenwich Village, or simply 'the Village', is framed by 14th Street (North), Houston Street (South), the Hudson River (West) and Broadway (East) ...

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  • Rockefeller Center thumbnail
    The towering Rockefeller Center in NYC.
    Rockefeller Center is what makes New York, New York. Modern high-rises, awesome shopping, and dining opportunities abound in this sprawling 22-acre complex made up of 19 buildings. It sits right at the very heart of midtown Manhattan. The whole complex is framed by 48th Street, 51st Street, Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue. It is unique in that it is the largest privately owned and privately built complex in the world ...

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