Johnston Canyon is a popular hiking trail in Banff, Alberta, Canada. A lot of hikers who wants to reach Ink Pots take this trail. It is also one of the widely known recreation place for serious climbers and those who want to try Ice climbing, as the canyon is the perfect spot when it is frozen in the winter. The Canyon originates on the glacial valleys of the Banff National Park, below the feet of Cascade Mountain in Badger Pass. It has an elevation of 8, 202 ft (2,500 meters). The water that flows in the falls are coming right through the south-west and south-east, and in between the Sawback Range and Helena Ridge, through a series of gorges and seven cascades. While walking along the trails, some animals can be seen afar such as grizzly and black bears, sheep, insects, elk, and goats. While hiking along any of the seven stunning waterfalls, you can take photographs of the rich fauna and flora or simply breathe the fresh air of this lovely Canadian Rockies location. Johnston Canyon campground is a mid-sized campground that is located approximately 25 km from Banff. Campground opens from June till mid-September. It offers over 130 sites along with heated showers. The Johnson Canyon Icewalk is a must visit. This Icewalk promises you to take through the wildest part of Banff as you walk across the walkways that are built in the canyon walls. Just before the tour ends, visitors can see the stunning upper icefalls and lower icefalls. There are many tours available, which last approximately 4 hours.