With the title of “Greatest Little City in the East” Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada is known for their helpful and amazingly friendly residents, this is a fantastic place to escape to for a holiday week. The history of the area is interesting, and there is so much “fun stuff” to do around this area, that it will be easy to lose track of what’s next. With many amazing sites, interesting museums, shows, great opportunities for water and land sports, the Saint John offers: 1. Ever seen a waterfall that goes up? Take a look at Reversing Falls and make sure to go to the Information Center there and see the short movie explaining precisely how the tides in the bay cause this amazing incident that happens twice a day. 2. Architecture enthusiasts will love the Victorian Stroll – an amazing opportunity to visit some of the most unique old homes. 3. Beach lovers will adore the Irving Nature Park for it’s wonderful beach, trails for hiking, picnicking, and just general a spectacular place to relax. 4. Birdwatchers will enjoy the amazing variety of avian life including, geese, ducks, sandpipers, herons, loons, and many other species. 5. For families who just can’t agree on the same activity, Rockwood Park satisfies the golfer, the swimmer, the nature lovers, the skater, the hiker and just about any outdoor activity. For the adventurous family who can’t agree on what everyone wants to do Saint John is a great solution to keep everyone happy.