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Top 2 Attractions in Saint John

Popular Saint John sights and tourist spots

  • The New Brunswick Museum in Saint John is the oldest continuing museum in Canada since 1929. Historic traces reveal that the origin of this museum dates back to 1842 attributing it to the work of Dr Abraham Gesner. The museum adds to St John's beauty and colorfulness, which is much, sought after by tourists in this region. The New Brunswick Museum is a unique combination of 3 critical museums namely science museum, natural history museum as well as the art museum ...

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  • The Irving nature park in Saint John, along the Bay of Fundy has charming beaches, woodlands, trails, volcanic rocks, all packaged to make a perfect location for hiking and backpacking. Created by J D Irving, the park is spread over 600 acres to preserve an endangered acreage. With close proximity to urban centers, this park will help you reconnect with nature without having to travel miles apart.

    The passionate bird watcher can be charmed by over 250 species like the Black-Capped Chickadee, Blue Herons, Sandpipers and Tree Swallows to name a few ...

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