The New Brunswick Museum in Saint John is the oldest continuing museum in Canada since 1929. Historic traces reveal that the origin of this museum dates back to 1842 attributing it to the work of Dr Abraham Gesner. The museum adds to St John's beauty and colorfulness, which is much, sought after by tourists in this region. The New Brunswick Museum is a unique combination of 3 critical museums namely science museum, natural history museum as well as the art museum. All these museums are housed in one building across 3 floors. The museum is open 7 days a week and is a key attraction for all ages. The exhibit halls here have diverse focus and museum themes like the Hall of Great Whales, the wood, wind and sails, Canadian art, New Brunswick art as well as the geological history of the changing earth. The research and collection can be categorized into humanities, natural science, conservation a well as fieldwork. The museum has activities and adventures to entertain all ages and for family groups as well with unique interactive activities like explorer days, riding with the meteorite, astronomy club, art classes, photography interpretation to name a few. Such varied events are hosted on symbolic days in the year like Canada day, etc.