Quebec City, in the province of Quebec, is located in the heart of Canada's French majority speaking region as well as the second oldest European settlement. Although Quebec City is in the French speaking region English is spoken widely here. If you are looking for a city rich with history you have come to the right place. This amazing city was founded in 1608 by Samuel De Champlin.

In 1985, Quebec City was declared as a World Heritage site. It is beautifully located on the northern side of the St. Lawrence River, where St. Charles River congruence with St. Lawrence River.

There is plenty to see and do in the city. The most famous place to see is the beautiful Old Historic Quebec City. The lower half of this grand city is surrounded by a stone wall that was originally built by French and British armies. This quaint little French town is now a tourist attraction with several hundreds visiting on any given day. There are several small boutiques and also historical and photographic areas of interest located in the Old City. It also contains some original structures which other buildings around the area have been constructed around.

Place Royal is another great spot to visit. This was the original spot where Samuel De Champlain landed in 1608 and founded the very first French settlement. It has since been converted into a breathtaking public square. They also have a huge mural which is a must see located on a nearby building which contains a figure of Samuel De Champlain.

  • Les Plaines d'Abraham (Abraham Plains)

  • Musée de la Civilisation (Civilization Museum)

  • La Citadelle (Citadel)

  • Place Royale (Royal Town Plazza)

  • La Basse-Ville (Old Lower Town)

  • Le Parlement (Quebec's Parliament Building)

  • Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral / Basilica

  • Musée des Ursulines (Ursulines Museum)

  • Le Château Frontenac (Frontenac Castle/Hotel)

  • And More...