Originally known simply as the City Park when it opened its doors at the turn of the century, Balboa Park became known as such as a result of a naming contest held in 1910. The winner, Mrs. Harriet Philips, named the park after Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the first explorer to view the Pacific Ocean. Just like the explorer, Balboa Park offers a spectacular view to locals and tourists visiting the city of San Diego, California, of the Pacific Ocean. Today, Balboa Park is the largest urban national park in the entire United States. Recognized as a landscape of art and culture, Balboa Park is a favorite destination particularly for tourists who would like to immerse themselves into the culture of a particular city or country. Home of the popular San Diego Zoo, the park is also home to 15 different museums and performing arts centers, each offering tourists a glimpse into the rich culture and tradition the locals in the city of San Diego hold high regard for. Apart from arts and culture, there are also a variety of other attractions here at Balboa Park which are sure to offer a dose of fun for the whole family. One of the most popular attractions here is the Balboa Park Carousel. Built back in 1910, the Carousel features finely crafted animals which you can ride on while you are captivated by the elegantly designed murals that decorate the entire carousel. Another is the Balboa Park Miniature Railroad where you and your family are toured through 4 acres of the entire park.