Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Six Flags Marine World is situated in Vallejo, California, about 30 miles northeast of the city of San Francisco. Currently known today as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, this amusement park is perhaps the most unique of all the amusement parks located in Northern California. It is the only amusement park in this region that features the best of wildlife parks, ocean-ariums and theme parks, all in one place. Spanning a total land area of 135 acres, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers thrills and fun that are surely enjoyed by the entire family. The park provides its visitors numerous exhibits where they would be able to interact with the elephants, giraffes and other animals residing in the park. There are also a variety of wildlife shows that are scheduled on a daily basis. One of the top favorites of the crowd is the Shouka Celebration, which features Shouka, the park's resident killer whale. Dolphins, sea lions and walruses entertain the crowd along with Shouka, a definite treat for spectators of all ages. After the show, children and adults have the opportunity to pet and feed these majestic sea creatures. There are over 40 different rides and attractions that are scattered all over the park, including seven world-class roller coasters. One of the most popular rides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the Medusa. Thrill seekers are brought up to 150-feet and then plunged straight down, giving them that boost of adrenaline rush they are looking for in a great ride.