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Top 4 Attractions in Annapolis

Popular Annapolis sights and tourist spots

  • One of the most beautiful capitals in the U.S. is Annapolis, Maryland, and the Annapolis City Dock is a great place for visitors to spend some time and experience a variety of activities. This doc is at the center of the Historic District and it has a lot of the original buildings from the 1700's when the city started booming. Actually the skyline has changed little over the past 250 years, and it's a great place to visit ...

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  • The heart of the U.S. Navy resides at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. This excellent academy opened in 1845 and over 60,000 students have graduated over this 165 years. This academy is one of the oldest academies in the U.S. for the military, and resides on a beautiful 338 acre campus that was formerly Fort Severn at the convergence of Chesapeake Bay and the Severn River ...

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  • Overcoming the destruction from Hurricane Isabelle in 2003, the Annapolis Maritime Museum has come a long way to restore their exhibits and return the museum to normal operations. This unique museum is dedicated to protecting and celebrating the heritage of the Annapolis area and it's maritime excellence. The town of Annapolis was founded in 1695 and has a fascinating and rich history and visitors to this center can learn about the maritime history of the area.

    There are a number of things to do at the Annapolis Maritime Museum including:

    • There are a number of piers at the museum that allows access for fishing and crabbing in the Bay waters ...

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  • One of the great places to go in Annapolis is the Chesapeake Children's Museum that is a fantastic entertaining and learning facility for the kids. The museum was started by an idea in 1992 when a group of locals decided they needed a facility to hold activities and events for children in the area. From a variety of local events, the seed was planted and an excellent museum for children blossomed and grew into the facility it is today.

    Over a thousand visitors come every week to see the special programs and events such as:

    • Be sure to see the Bay Window that features wildlife from the land and sea that are indigenous to this Chesapeake Bay area ...

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