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Nevada Region Guide


Nevada, also known as the “Silver State” or “Sagebrush State” is a state of rugged landscapes, awesome beauty, easy marriage ceremonies and quick divorce proceedings. Its largest city, Las Vegas, is the gambling Mecca of the United States, if not the world. It is no surprise that Nevada’s largest income is derived from tourism, followed secondly by mining with gold being the largest, most profitable mineral mined. Cattle raising is in the top five of leading industries in the state with plenty of land available for grazing and ranching. With its diverse elevations of high mountains and the more verdant basin areas, and a large portion of the state being located in the Mojave Desert, Nevada’s varied climate and terrain has something to offer for everyone.

When most people think of going to Nevada, it is very often with the idea in mind of going to Las Vegas, Reno or Lake Tahoe to gamble and perhaps to take in some shows. This is often true more times than not. The largest gambling center of these three is definitely Las Vegas. There is no other place quite like it anywhere in the world. It has the reputation for excitement and entertainment that makes it a huge tourism draw for the state. The Las Vegas Strip, the central avenue in the city that has most of the more popular casinos and hotels located on it, is a magnet for thrill seekers who want to turn a hundred dollars into their first million. The “Strip” also showcases hotels with accommodations so luxurious that a night’s room fee can be upwards of thousands of dollars! Such places as Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, the Venetian and Harrah’s, just to name a few, have helped to put Las Vegas on the tourism map indeed.

Even though the gaming industry is the central claim to fame of Las Vegas, it can offer much more for those willing to step outside the casino life. It also possesses some world class restaurants with such famous chefs as Emeril Lagasse heading the kitchen staff. Las Vegas also has a rich cultural and budding arts scene that is definitely worth looking into. A few of the museums that would be worth the time to visit are the Liberace Museum, the Casino Legends Hall of Fame, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and the Imperial Palace Auto Collection. While staying in Las Vegas, the savvy tourist will also take advantage of the unbeatable shopping opportunities that is available for all income levels. It is easy to drop some cash when shopping in such fancy places as Wynn Las Vegas located on the Strip which caters to big spenders with such shops as Oscar de la Renta, Chanel and Cartier. If spending large volumes of cash is not your thing, there are other more affordable places to shop, with Las Vegas boasting some great outlet malls that house such well know more reasonably priced stores as Coach, Nine West, Neiman Marcus and Calvin Klein. Besides enjoying all the wonderful shopping venues, sumptuous restaurants, luxurious hotels and casinos, while in Las Vegas don’t forget to look outside or you will miss the stunning scenery that is just outside the city. Nestled next to a stunning range of mountains set in the basin of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is much more than the glitz and glamour of the Strip.

If gambling and a world famous nightlife is not your thing, there are many other reasons to visit the beautiful state of Nevada. The possibilities are endless. If you are looking for scenic driving, famous Highway 50 rolls through the state showcasing sites such as abandoned mines, towns little more than a dusty roadside gas station and diner reminiscent of early America, and an unexpected spectacular resort or two followed by strange roadside attractions boasting dessert animals or Elvis memorabilia stands. All this quirkiness and history alike awaits the alert driver who prefers to wander the roads at his own pace and take his time to feel out the scenery. If it is awesome natural landscape you are wishing to see, the awesome snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Ruby Range are both breathtaking to behold. Nevada is definitely a state with sights worth seeing if one wishes to travel by car.

If you want to vacation and play golf at the same time, Nevada has some of the most beautiful and challenging courses found anywhere. The utter surrounding beauty of some of the golf courses can make it difficult to keep your head in the game. These links are not planned by happenstance either. They boast some of the most famous designers/players known in the industry such as the likes of Arnold Palmer. There are over 50 of these championship courses located within a two hour drive of Las Vegas. If one travels further north in the state they will find no shortage of magnificent courses there either. Nestled around the gorgeous mountains and unspoiled lakes, these golf courses work with Mother Nature to bring about the perfect harmony of recreation and beauty. If you are a golfer, visiting the state of Nevada will be your perfect destination.

When one thinks of Nevada, often one of the last things to come to mind is snow skiing, that is if they are not avid about the sport. Those in the know have long heard of the awesome opportunities afforded by the majestic mountains that run through the state. Each year literally thousands of ski enthusiasts from all over the world hit the slopes of Nevada to get the thrill of downhill skiing, snowboarding and even snowshoeing. The area around Reno and Lake Tahoe is known as having the largest number of ski resorts in America.

Another great adventure that awaits the visitor to Nevada is the opportunity for water lovers to get their fill. There are tranquil rivers to kayak down, white water rapids to shoot or the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe to soothe you. Fans of scuba diving even have their place under the blue waters of Lake Mead. Whether you’re planning a quiet get away, a personal relaxing retreat or a family vacation, there’s an endless flow of adventures to explore in the waters of Nevada.

Nevada is a land of surprising beauty, blazing heat, snow covered terrain and fast-paced city life. For the family looking for a great outdoor adventure opportunity, a group of friends looking for a weekend escape or someone looking to be inspired by an unforgettable road trip, Nevada holds the potential for all of these and more. It is definitely worth getting to know better.
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