Viva Las Vegas! There is just something about Las Vegas – the glittering lights, the shouts of those who hit it at the poker table, the magnificent hotel buildings, showgirls – so many things that work together and add to the magnetic draw that only Las Vegas, Nevada, possesses. It’s a playground – gambling with style. So if you want to play - to hit the high stakes poker or just try your luck at the slot machines, this is the place for you. The gambling options are endless. Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, the city of Las Vegas is the most populated of all the cities comprising the state of Nevada. The city, whose name is Spanish for “the Meadows”, is perhaps the most popular resort city in this part of the world. With its numerous gambling facilities, shopping districts, fine dining and entertainment, it is no wonder that Las Vegas remains to be the Ultimate Playground in the United States.

This being the case, it is not surprising that the most visited places in Las Vegas are its casinos. There are literally hundreds of casinos scattered all over Las Vegas. The largest and most popular of these casinos are situated along the infamous Las Vegas Strip, or simply called by the locals as “The Strip”. Stretching just under four miles long, travelers visiting the city are dazzled not just by the promise of striking it rich in its largest casino halls. These casinos also provide some of the finest hotel accommodations in the entire state of Nevada, each having their own unique attractions, the most famous of which are the dancing fountains of the Bellagio. But it is not just gambling that travelers do while staying in the city of Las Vegas. The city also takes pride in its rich cultural heritage. On the first Friday of each month, local artists and musicians set up various exhibits and shows to showcase their talents and their masterpieces in Downtown Las Vegas, known as the “Arts District”.