The E.W. Marland Mansion and Estate is located in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Ponca City is approximately 90 miles south of Wichita, Kansas, and 100 miles northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The mansion and grounds are open for guided and self-guided tours year round. Admission is $7 for adults and $5 for seniors and students. Tour and school groups are also welcomed. The Marland Mansion was built by E.W. Marland's oil money, starting in 1925. It was designed by architect John Duncan Forsyth and took three years to complete. The Marland's retained ownership of the property until Mr. Marland's death in 1941. It was then owned by Carmelite monks and next the Sisters of St. Felix. In 1975, it was sold to Ponca City. The mansion is 43,561 square feet and has 55 rooms spread over four floors. You can choose to just tour the mansion, or go over the grounds as well. On the grounds are many outbuildings: the artist's studio, Lydie's cottage, the stables, and the boathouse. The boathouse is connected to the mansion by an underground limestone tunnel. You can also visit Lake Whitemarsh and the site of what used to be two Olympic sized pools in a T-shape. The pools were filled in by the Sisters. The E.W. Marland Estate also hosts four museums. Two showcase the artistic works of Jon Duncan Forsyth and the sculptor Bryant Baker. Another pays tribute to the Marland Oil Company that brought Mr. Marland his fortune. Finally, the Marland Family Exhibit showcases the life and work of all members of the Marland family.