Just driving through Hershey, Pennsylvania and getting a whiff of that incredible Hershey's chocolate, makes everyone want to go visit Hershey Park while traveling in this incredibly aromatic area. The park opened in 1907 and it's an amusement park that quite close to the chocolate factory. Originally it was opened as a park for the people who worked for this wonderful chocolate company, and later on it actually opened to the public. Today it has more than 60 great rides, food courts, and some other great attractions that visitors from near and far can enjoy. Some of the great things to do at Hershey Park include: - Any of the nine great areas with various themes, such as Tudor Square with its donuts, shops, and great restaurants. - Founders Circle has the original Carousel, eleven roller coasters, a double Ferris wheel, and number other great rides. - Comet Hollow also has a number of great rides, include the Wave Swinger, everyone's favorite Tilt-a-Whirl, an arcade area, and of course a variety of great places to eat. - The newest area in the park is the Boardwalk which features a variety of the very popular water park rides – just come prepared to be soaked. - The Midway also features a variety of rides, food, and classic midway-style games of chance. Take a whiff of that incredible chocolate, and visitors will know exactly where the Hershey Park's amusements and fun begins. It's a great place for the entire family to have fun.