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Top 2 Attractions in Hershey

Popular Hershey sights and tourist spots

  • Just driving through Hershey, Pennsylvania and getting a whiff of that incredible Hershey's chocolate, makes everyone want to go visit Hershey Park while traveling in this incredibly aromatic area. The park opened in 1907 and it's an amusement park that quite close to the chocolate factory. Originally it was opened as a park for the people who worked for this wonderful chocolate company, and later on it actually opened to the public. Today it has more than 60 great rides, food courts, and some other great attractions that visitors from near and far can enjoy ...

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  • When visitors arrive in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the first thing they notice is the wonderful chocolate aroma that permeates the city from Hershey's Chocolate World. When Milton Hershey discovered a delicious recipe for a luscious chocolate as a coating for the caramel candies he made in 1894, and this wonderful chocolate turned out to be incredibly popular, and has remained so for well over a century. Their milk chocolate is still one of the most popular flavors of chocolate in the country today ...

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