Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the country, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia is a private medical society that is the oldest in the country. Numerous contributions in the medical industry have come out of this prestigious college. This facility was built in 1909 and in October 2008, it became a member of the National Register of Historic Places in America. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia contains some extremely interesting facilities, including the following: - The Mũtter Museum which is home to a fascination collection of antique medical instruments such as a wooden stethoscope, models, photographs, and specimens from the 1800s, such as a liver of conjoined twins, and a piece of the brain of Charles Guiteau. - The Historical Medical Library is the oldest library of medical texts in country and contains some of the most historic texts, and it's been the main research library for medical students for over 150 years. More than 400 books printed prior to 1500 are contained in this library, in addition to more than 12,000 rare volumes. - The museum has some interesting information regarding the founders of the college who include Benjamin Rush, John Morgan, and William Shippen among many others. This College of Physicians of Philadelphia Is an amazing brick and limestone building and the grand entrance with the magnificent gate and wrought iron fence is one of the most interesting continuously operating colleges in the country. Take some time and visit this unique landmark.