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Top 17 Attractions in Philadelphia

Popular Philadelphia sights and tourist spots

  • Benjamin Franklin was one of the most noted and prominent statesmen, inventor, and founder of the American Republic, and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the greatest centers in the country. One of the most celebrated founders during the American Revolutionary War, signer of the Declaration of Independence, inventor, author, and scientist, Benjamin Franklin inspired inventions and discoveries for generations. This Institute was established in 1824.

    When visiting the Franklin Institute, there are many fascinating things to see in the Science Center, including:

    - A variety of permanent exhibits in the building which showcases many of his inventions, such as the stove, and discoveries, such as electricity ...

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  • For visitors traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Walnut Street Theatre is another of the amazing places to visit in the historically amazing city. Take a walk down Walnut Street and this wonderful little theater is still going strong. It's been operating since 1809 and is recognized as the oldest theater in America and it's continued to operate since it opened. There are three stages that includes the Mainstage that hosts the largest productions, the Independence Studio that is on the third floor and hosts smaller productions, and Studio 5 that two floors up and runs independent productions ...

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  • Just how many people consider going to visit a penitentiary on vacation? The Eastern State Penitentiary is an extremely unique site that is worth stopping and taking the tour. It actually looks like a medieval fortress and it opened in 1829. It's eerie, creepy and is one of the most unique places in Philadelphia that travelers can tour and learn about some of the most infamous criminals serving time here. One of its most famous gangsters who resided here for many years was Al Capone ...

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  • There are so many things to see and do in Philadelphia, and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts that's actually located on the Avenue of the Arts, and it's closely tied to the Academy of Music as well. This is an incredible concert hall that was built in 2000 for the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was designed by Rafael Voñoly and one of the most talent designers of acoustics in the world, Artec Consultants, ensured that the sound was the most incredible of any venue in the country.

    This Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts has two main performance halls and a number of smaller areas for performances and meetings ...

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  • Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the country, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia is a private medical society that is the oldest in the country. Numerous contributions in the medical industry have come out of this prestigious college. This facility was built in 1909 and in October 2008, it became a member of the National Register of Historic Places in America.

    The College of Physicians of Philadelphia contains some extremely interesting facilities, including the following:

    - The Mũtter Museum which is home to a fascination collection of antique medical instruments such as a wooden stethoscope, models, photographs, and specimens from the 1800s, such as a liver of conjoined twins, and a piece of the brain of Charles Guiteau ...

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