Just how many people consider going to visit a penitentiary on vacation? The Eastern State Penitentiary is an extremely unique site that is worth stopping and taking the tour. It actually looks like a medieval fortress and it opened in 1829. It's eerie, creepy and is one of the most unique places in Philadelphia that travelers can tour and learn about some of the most infamous criminals serving time here. One of its most famous gangsters who resided here for many years was Al Capone. One of the most entertaining aspects here is that they regale the visitor with stories of attempted escapes that were unsuccessful, well known romances in the prison, and even some dogs who were incarcerated here. One exciting attraction of this Eastern State Penitentiary is the ghost stories of the jail. It's particularly fun around Halloween when they open the haunted house tours called 'Terror Behind the Walls'. Come join one of the creepiest, scariest haunted houses that have ever been thought of – because the ghosts who haunt this prison were some of the most notorious and heinous in the country. So what does the girl think of the guy who gets a reservation for Valentine's Day at this prison? Well come join them on Valentine's Day and find out. It's certainly not the ordinary romantic candlelight dinner in a 'normal' setting, but it would absolutely be memorable for that 'Special' evening. Take a tour of this Eastern State Penitentiary, and have a very interesting day.