Philadelphia is a great city that was very instrumental in the initial formation of the thirteen colonies, which eventually grew into the United States. The city is rich in historical locations, as well as many artistic locations, all of which make Philadelphia a very popular town to visit. The Liberty Bell is probably one of the most valued attractions in Philadelphia. Independence Hall is another landmark that also attracts many visitors, especially due to the fact that it is where the Declaration of Independence was signed by America’s forefathers. The Constitution Center hosts another large bevy of information concerning the American Revolution. Many visitors will enjoy discovering that Philadelphia was the early capital of the United States, and was considered to be the permanent seat of the country. All of the plans that were set in motion were quickly stopped after the death of George Washington, and the capital of America became the city that was born in his honor. Philadelphia has an amazing waterfront area that is rife with many gorgeous statues and sculptures, some of which memorialize many of the men who participated in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin’s dwellings, as well as many of the places he frequently visited, are also highlights of touring historic Philadelphia. Franklin is considered to be the most widely renowned resident of the city, and is a very big draw for those who consider him to be among America’s greatest inventors, patriots, and philosophers. Other historic sites can be visited all over the city, but many tourists will sign on for historical tours, which are led by homegrown historical societies, while others are orchestrated by other, nationally subsidized groups. The Civil War was another very big part of Philadelphia’s history, as it was a very large hub of wealth and information for the North. Much knowledge about the events and places surrounding this affair are usually mentioned during the historical tours. History is only one reason why many visitors flock to Philadelphia on a yearly basis. Philadelphia has a very rich art history, and is host to one of America’s greatest art museums, the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has displays from all over the country, as well as many pieces of art that come from all over the world. The museum also hosts many items that go on tour throughout the world. Such items are usually too high in demand to be seen at one location, so they are carefully relocated to specific museums for shortened periods of time. The Philadelphia Zoo is another famous attraction that keeps the tourists on their feet. The zoo is the oldest in America, and was founded shortly before the turn of the twentieth century. It has animals from all around the world, and is sometimes host to very rare international species that can only be seen at locations like the Philadelphia Zoo. Philadelphia’s Fairmont Park is a very pleasant mixture of statues, common grounds, and waterfront, all of which prove to make a combination that can only be found in Philadelphia. The park is home to much of the city’s wildlife, and is a must-see for those will only visit Philadelphia once in their lifetime. This city is packed with anything a traveler could possibly want, which is a feat that many American towns cannot accomplish. Philadelphia has many historic sites, as well many parks, museums, and great places to dine, but the problem is not finding a reason to visit one of the oldest cities in America. The problem is finding a reason not to visit Philadelphia.