For visitors traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Walnut Street Theatre is another of the amazing places to visit in the historically amazing city. Take a walk down Walnut Street and this wonderful little theater is still going strong. It's been operating since 1809 and is recognized as the oldest theater in America and it's continued to operate since it opened. There are three stages that includes the Mainstage that hosts the largest productions, the Independence Studio that is on the third floor and hosts smaller productions, and Studio 5 that two floors up and runs independent productions. The very first production was in 1812, and was notably attended by President Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, called The Rivals Since then, great stars including Marlon Brando, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, and Sidney Poitier have all starred in productions at these excellent productions. For the 2011 season there are some excellent upcoming productions for their 200th anniversary including The Glass Menagerie, Amadeus, and Harry, the Dirty Dog. One of the greatest productions, that was recently announced, is Aspects of Love that's also coming to the Walnut Street Theatre. They also have an excellent theater school that has been very popular for kids, teenagers, and adults as well. This school began in 1984 by Bernard Havard, and is considered to be one of the best theater schools in the city. When travels have arrived in Philadelphia, it's time for a great show, and the Walnut Street Theatre is the best in town.