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Franklin Institute

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the most noted and prominent statesmen, inventor, and founder of the American Republic, and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the greatest centers in the country. One of the most celebrated founders during the American Revolutionary War, signer of the Declaration of Independence, inventor, author, and scientist, Benjamin Franklin inspired inventions and discoveries for generations. This Institute was established in 1824.

When visiting the Franklin Institute, there are many fascinating things to see in the Science Center, including:

- A variety of permanent exhibits in the building which showcases many of his inventions, such as the stove, and discoveries, such as electricity. Also included is the Train Factory, the Observatory, the Giant Heart, and many additional exciting galleries.

- The Science Center include several other great exhibits such as the original airplane made of stainless steel, and a model of NASA's Lunar Module.

- The Fels Planetarium is one of the most popular parts of the Institute and includes an incredible dome that has a diameter of 60 feet and provides some amazing shows of the universe.

- Another excellent theater that provides some incredible shows is the Tuttleman IMAX Theater that is a 4½ story, 180° domed theater.

- A variety of traveling exhibits visit throughout the year, so check the calendar.

When visiting Philadelphia, one of the most fascinating places to visit is the Franklin Institute based on the life, inventions, and discoveries of one of America's greatest founding fathers.

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