For those who are fascinated with Italian, French, Gothic, English, or German architecture, the Belcourt Castle is fascinating because it incorporates all three designs. This 'summer cottage' was built in 1894 by Oliver Belmont in Newport, Rhode Island, and its 50,000 square feet in size. Building this castle cost $3.2 million, and more than 30 servants were employed during this time. Going on a tour through this magnificent structure is quite fascinating and gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy this amazing structure. It has patterned after Louis XIII's Versailles hunting cabin. The first floor of the Belcourt Castle contains the expansive stables for the cherished and valued horses as well as the spaces for the magnificent carriages. These exceptional race horses were the foundation for the Belmont Stakes that was the namesake of Oliver Belmont's father, who was one of the most noted four-in-hand drivers. The upper floors contain immense halls, salons, ballrooms, and bedrooms; in fact the master bedroom is decorated with murals illustrating the nobleman's life and the shower in the bathroom was the first indoor standing shower in Newport. The Grand Hall is Gothic in French Renaissance style and contains large windows of stained glass depicting the Belmont insignia. The castle also contains a Grand Staircase is a duplicate of those in France's Cluny Museum and connects the upper and lower Grand Halls. The Belcourt Castle is a truly magnificent home and well worth the time for visitors to stop and explore and enjoy its splendor.