Travelers to Rhode Island will enjoy the lovely village of Wickford, which is situated on the western portion of Narragansett Bay, one of the most beautiful natural harbors in New England. This area was settled when Roger Williams bought a plot of land in 1637 and he set up a trading post in this area. It was the original hunting grounds to the Narragansett tribe who also fished along the magnificent shores and tributaries. There are a number of sites to see in Wickford and a variety of activities for guests in the area, such as: - Smith’s Castle, which was built on the site of Roger Williams’ original trading post. This home, built in 1678, is now a museum and one of the oldest houses in the New England area. - There is a great Art Festival that is held in July each year that features the art work and crafts of numerous local artists, and is an exciting and fun festival that all guests will enjoy. - There are a number of great places to shop for clothes, books, children’s toys, crafts jewelry, and a variety of gifts. - Be sure to see the Benjamin Thomas Gallery and Voila featuring fine art and supplies. - There are also a number of great places to eat and a wonderful bed and breakfast for dining and relaxation. When traveling through Rhode Island and New England, Wickford is a great place to visit with a number of interesting places.