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Wickford Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Wickford

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When traveling in New England, one of the villages in Rhode Island, called North Kingstown, is home to Smith's Castle, which has also been designated as an Historic landmark. This castle was built in 1678 and in 1993 was also designated as the Cocumscussoc Archeological Site because of numerous relics and objet d'arts found in the area. This building is actually a replacement from the original 1637 building that was demolished during the King Phillip's War by the Narragansett Indians, and was the initial trading post ran by Roger Williams.

Smith's Castle was later sold to Richard Smith, along with the land around it, and this is when the house was named and enlarged and designated as a castle. During the King Phillips war, it was home to the Massachusetts and Connecticut militias, and over 40 soldiers are buried on the grounds... read more arrow

* Regular pre-pandemic touristic activity level.