One of the most picturesque cities in America is Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the southeastern Appalachian Mountains region close to Lookout Mountain. This part of southeastern Tennessee has activities that will delight and entertain all family members, and fishing is among the country's best. These activities range from relaxing to invigorating and everything in between, including activities from the arts to the zoo.For travelers visiting Chattanooga, Tennessee, there are numerous attractions from downtown all the way to the Tennessee River, such as:1. Downtown’s numerous activities include the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, a historical landmark and offers plenty of shopping and great dining nearby.2. The Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium combines an intriguing science museum with extravagant star fields and a laser show on the amazing dome-shaped ceiling.3. For visitors who love animals, the Chattanooga Zoo and the Tennessee Aquarium, provide many delightful hours. Be sure to see the penguin habitat, the aviary, and the beautiful butterfly gardens.4. The Tennessee River provides great fishing and boating activities along with picnic grounds, hiking, and biking along the popular Tennessee Riverwalk.5. People who love trains will be enthralled with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum with actual cars used in a variety of movies.6. Rock City is just outside town and is one of the most incredibly scenic areas along Lookout Mountain. Photographers will be enthralled with the photographic opportunities.Visitors to Chattanooga, Tennessee, will find the gamut of relaxing and exciting activities for the whole family.