Situated within the McPherson Range on the Queensland/New South Wales border, Lamington National Park features magnificent tracts of subtropical and tropical rainforest, steep gorges and more than 500 waterfalls. This World Heritage Area is deservedly one of Queensland’s most popular national parks and within easy access of both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Lamington National Park is home to more than 190 species of birds, including colorful parrots, bowerbirds, Coxen's fig parrot and Albert’s lyrebird. It also provides a habitat for red-necked pademelons that are often spotted near the edges of the rainforest and shy platypus that like to swim in the river rock pools. Numerous skink and frog species also find refuge in the park, including giant barred frog, cascade tree frogs and Fleay’s barred frog.

There are more than 150 kilometers of walking trails for hikers to explore, many of which were designed by Romeo Lahey during the Great Depression. You can opt for short jaunts or longer hikes, including the Border Track that follows the top of the McPherson Range along the border between New South Wales and Queensland. It connects the two sections of the park at Binna Burra and the Green Mountains, with the latter home to the famous O’Reilly’s Guesthouse.

Other popular hikes include the Caves Circuit that offers sweeping views across the Coomera Valley and the Python Rock lookout trail that passes Moran’s Falls. Or get a unique perspective of Lamington National Park along the Tree Top Walk, which features a series of suspension bridges that wind between the canopy 15 meters above the ground.