The International Spy Museum is located at 800 F ST NW, Washington DC. This is a privately owned museum that was built by The House on F Street and Milton Maltz. The museum is one of the few museums in Washington which charges an entrance fee. The museum essentially is home to espionage artifacts and history. The most intriguing and captivating issues about the museum include: • It is 68,000 square foot in size, and the moment you step in you are first briefed on what you should expect to see and learn about.
• You get to see the largest collection of international espionage artifacts on display to the public. It is home to over 600 artifacts that offer details on historical espionages.
• You get to learn the use of codes and how codes are broken in the world of spying.
• Visitors to the museum get to learn a few tricks on how spying works, the lessons are presented using videos and other simple aids such as interactive monitor tests.
• Visitors get to see the newest addition to the museum, a new feature, Operation Spy, where the visitors get to act as intelligence officers. The participants work in small teams trying to conduct video surveillance as well as try to decode audio conversations
• Visitors learn about some of the greatest spy masters that the world has ever seen, including Sun Tzu and Moses. A family would enjoy spending their day here.