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My Favorite Lighthouse Stays thumbnail
My Favorite Lighthouse Stays

Are you looking for a unique idea for a family vacation or weekend getaway? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider a stay in a lighthouse. Packed full of history, and literally right on the coast, they guarantee read more arrow

Barbara Rumi
Barbara Rumi 2017-07-19
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Vacation Rentals or Home Swap Exchange?

There is an obvious cost advantage to doing a Home Swap Exchange when travelling. If cost and budget is not an issue however, then finding nice vacation rentals may be the quickest and easiest, free of worry, way to go. If read more arrow

Goparoo Admin
Goparoo Admin 2009-04-07
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Tips on Getting Lower and Cheaper Flight Airfares

The seemingly ever-changing world of airfares is one of the most confusing aspects of the travel business. It’s entirely possible for every person on a typically crowded plane to have paid a different fare for their ticket read more arrow

Goparoo Admin
Goparoo Admin 2009-03-11
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Disney Cruises!

The kids wanted to go Disney. Mom and Dad wanted a vacation that was a little more relaxing. What was our solution? A Disney Cruise. We spent three days on land visiting the various Disney theme parks and then spent four read more arrow

Goparoo Admin
Goparoo Admin 2009-03-05
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What is the difference between weather and climate?

Weather is about specific meteorological conditions that are experienced at given moments. For example, it is sunny, 51°F(23°C). Or it is snowing with 19mph(30km/h) winds. Weather forecasts are about trying to predict exact read more arrow

Goparoo Admin
Goparoo Admin 2009-03-04

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