Top Central America Tourist Attractions

Lake Atitlan… "Atitlan" in Mayan means a world of beauty and grandeur. It actually means "where the rainbow gets its colors"... read more arrow
8.2 /10
Cocos Island, Costa Rica, is located over 300 miles off the Costa Rican shore and is a part of the Puntarenas Canton.

The island itself is uninhabited; you can also get to the area by boat... read more arrow
7.9 /10
The Great Blue Hole is a humongous underwater sinkhole that lies just 60 miles in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of beautiful Belize. This hole, which, when seen from the top, is nearly a perfect circle, and looks so inviting that it would be all you could to resist the temptation to simply jump in... read more arrow
7.8 /10
There are few man made features in this world which carry more importance than the Panama Canal does. This canal has a unique property which no other man made features can match... read more arrow
7.6 /10
Pacaya Volcano is one of Guatemala's most active volcanoes, as it is almost always in the state of eruption. The Pacaya rises to a height of over 2,500 meters, a wonder surrounded by steam and volcanic gases... read more arrow
7.6 /10
Nestled just south of Mexico and along the Caribbean, it is one of nature's best gifts to the world. Breathtaking turquoise waters framed by sandy coastlines coupled with a lush green jungle... read more arrow
7.3 /10
The Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is not just the country's most active volcano. It is also a treasure trove of fun activities... read more arrow
6.9 /10
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