Located in the Meiderich quarter of Duisburg, the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is a unique park that combines industrial heritage elements with natural landmarks and a fascinating light installation. It was created in 1991 to celebrate the industrial heritage of the area (rather than eliminate it), encompassing the abandoned coal and steel production plant of the Duisburg-Meiderich steelworks and agricultural land that had been in use prior to the mid-19th century.

The Landschaftspark was designed by Peter Latz and divided into different areas according to its existing conditions and the plants growing in that space. Walk-ways and waterways were then created to weave the different areas together, fol-lowing the old railway and sewer systems. Concrete bunkers were used to create a series of gardens while old gas tanks became scuba diving pools and concrete walls were transformed for use by rock climbers. The middle of the abandoned steel mill was made into a central piazza for visitors to relax and socialize.

A high ropes course has been created in the old cast house while the defunct blast furnace has been converted into a lookout tower, with expansive views of this unique and diverse oasis. By night the park transforms with spectacular light in-stallations that spotlight the old steelworks and its newly established features.

Entry to the park is free but if you want to learn more about the history of the steel mill and its workers, you can join a guided tour. It’s also utilized by various arts and theatre organizations throughout the year, offering a striking venue for performances, film screenings and music festivals.